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LEPL, is a Gas-Powered, thermal Power Generation Facility, with a total production capacity of 16.52 MW.  It is equipped with world's one of the most sophisticated and highly-efficient Generator Sets from Caterpillar USA .

LEPL is on the move to further upgrade and enhance its existing power generation capacity and simultaneously embarking on a diversification plan to explore new avenues for commercial supply of electricity to National Grid by making best use of hydel resources in North of Pakistan and wind energy in Wind corridor of Sind Province of Pakistan.

All pre-equipment selection surveys and relevant formalities are underway to facilitate the National gird with 215MW with Hydel and 50MW with wind energy to be a humble contribution in overcoming the mounting energy crisis in the country.  

LEPL's other sister - concerns under the umbrella of YB Group are fully capable of self generation to meet their energy requirement with latest high-tech generation equipment available in today's world with details as under:

Gadoon Textile Mills:

19.50 MW
18.20 MW

Lucky Cement Ltd. Karachi Project:

50.70 MW

Lucky Cement Ltd. NWFP  Project

70.80 MW

Younus Textile Mills:

9.50 MW

Lucky Textile Mills:

4.00 MW

Group's Total Generation Capacity:

189.22 MW

Lucky Energy's Alternative/renewable Energy project in pipe line:

Hydel Energy Project in NWFP

215 MW

Wind Energy in Sind

50 MW


265 MW