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Lucky Energy Pvt. Limited (LEPL), a Government-licensed Small Power Producer (SPP) under National Power Regulatory Authority Government of Pakistan, in service as a Captive Power Plant, was incorporated in July 1993.  LEPL operates under the flagship of Yunus Brothers Group of Companies (YB Group), one the most prestigious and progressive business houses of Pakistan, having diversified business interests including international commodities trading, manufacturing and exports of a wide variety and range of textile goods, power generation, cement production and export, with an annual turnover over and above Usd 700 Million.

YB Group has the honour of being the trend-setters and market-leaders in textiles and cement production and exports in Pakistan .

YB Group has always strived hard to be the champions of exports and the leading exporter of the nation.  The Group, being the top exporter of the country, is famous and recognised as the Kings of Textiles & Cement having unmatched expertise in textile and Cement trade.

Traditionally, Pakistan being a densely populated state and a growing economy was faced with the energy shortages right from its creation due to lack of strategic planning, inconsistent policies and non-utilisation of resources.  In the post cold war era with liberalization of tariffs and quota regimes especially at a stage when western world started abandoning textile industry to pave way for more value-added and technology based industries, Pakistan experienced an unprecedented boom in textiles in late 1980s & early 1990s. Entrepreneurs invested billions of Rupees in this thriving sector and textile industry became the backbone of Pakistan 's economy.

With the advent of 1990s, as a result of rapid expansion in industrial base, the gap between demand and supply of electricity further widened and serious impediments surfaced in the smooth administration of the industrial activity.  Textile manufacturing is a continuous process as the Mills and Plants operate round-the-clock and usually have very tight deadlines to meet their export commitments. Long unscheduled and unannounced breakdowns and non-availability of electricity pushed them to the wall and made it practically impossible to manage their business.

Sociologists and scientists firmly believe that one of the two deeply-impacting inventions that changed the course of human history and civilization is Electricity; obviously the other and earlier one was Wheel. Modern age industrialization, technological advancement and comforts are all dependent on electricity and can only be sustained by uninterrupted supply of electricity. Now human society cannot imagine to be in this world without electricity as it will be extremely appalling and frightening.  So electricity is the lifeline for any industry and no industry can function or survive in the absence of electricity.

The senior management of YB Group realizing the sensitivity of the situation and accepting it as a challenge decided in principle to set up their own Captive Power Generation Facilities, the objective behind the formation of LEPL, to make possible unhindered and nonstop operation of its production facilities to enhance its export share to play a positive and constructive role in the development and growth of the country.

LEPL, is a Gas-Powered, thermal Power Generation Facility, with a total production capacity of 16.52 MW.  It is equipped with world's one of the most sophisticated and highly-efficient Generator Sets from Caterpillar USA .

LEPL is on the move to further upgrade and enhance its existing power generation capacity and simultaneously embarking on a diversification plan to explore new avenues for commercial supply of electricity to National Grid by making best use of hydel resources in North of Pakistan and wind energy in Wind corridor of Sind Province of Pakistan.

All pre-equipment selection surveys and relevant formalities are underway to facilitate the National gird with 215MW with Hydel and 50MW with wind energy to be a humble contribution in overcoming the mounting energy crisis in the country.  

LEPL's other sister - concerns under the umbrella of YB Group are fully capable of self generation to meet their energy requirement with latest high-tech generation equipment available in today's world with details as under

Vision Statement

To always stay as a well-reputed power generation company by employing most sophisticated technology and utilizing available natural resources at best efficiency to play a vital role in the development and growth of trade and industry of the country. To put all the efforts, to increase productivity and boost exports for bringing-in much-needed foreign exchange for the economic and social uplift, well-being and prosperity of the common citizens of Pakistan .

Mission Statement

· To be a good, committed and dedicated corporate citizen of the country.

· To ensure unceasing and uninterrupted power supply to the Group's export-oriented industrial-concerns for meeting production and shipment targets.

· To set high standards for safety, quality and environment.

· To develop a congenial and cordial work environment that promotes self-importance, job satisfaction and promising opportunities for career advancement of the employees.